What is Spooky Stalks?
Spooky Stalks Haunted Corn Field is a unique adventure in the dark designed to entertain you at every turn.
Filled with spooky scenery, amazing illusions, and scary surprises, Spooky Stalks is the only haunted
cornfield in Milwaukee!

When are you open?
Please see our Calendar page! We may close early due to weather or other factors.

Where are you located?                                                                                                                              
Please go to our detailed directions for maps and more information.

Can I bring my children to Spooky Stalks?
Spooky Stalks is a scary experience and generally not recommended for children under 12. Children 18 and
under must be accompanied by an adult.. Use your own discretion if you choose to allow your children to
enter. If you want to bring younger children to Spooky Stalks, be sure your child knows the difference
between fantasy and reality. All children (and adults!) have different "scare" tolerances, and you know your
child best.

How long will it take me to experience Spooky Stalks?
The time you spend may vary depending on crowds, the size of your group, and waiting times. On Saturdays,
our busiest nights, plan on spending more time for your visit.  

TIP: To minimize your wait, visit early in the month on a Friday night!

Where do I Park?
Please park on the street out in front. We have people to direct you to the haunt.

Can I take pictures inside?
Sorry, but photography or video is not allowed in the cornfield. The spirits inside do not react well to bright
lights...It not only hurts their eyes, but ruins the experience for others. Cameras can be left at the ticket booth
(with driver’s license as proof of ownership) for safe-keeping, or you can leave your camera in the car for
your tour through the cornfield.. Once back outside, get your camera and feel free to be a shutter-bug.

OK, I could not make it through... Do I get my money back?
Our policy is no refunds.

I read a sign about not entering if you have health problems (i.e.  Heart , asthma, etc), pregnancy,
on medication or have been drinking/using drugs... Is this a gimmick?
No, we are serious. The scares will raise your heart rate and blood pressure, and we use electronic
equipment. Flashing lights may trigger an epileptic response to those prone to seizure. Loud noises are
everywhere. Walk carefully, there may be uneven ground under your feet. We warn our guests so they can
inform us so we can take extra precautions with their group... We will provide an escort if necessary. They will
make every effort to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time.      

NOTE: If you are impaired by drinking heavily or drug use, we will not allow you to enter for your own safety
and ours. If we feel you are under the influence of drugs, we may not allow you to enter as well.

What should I wear?
Spooky Stalks is an OUTDOOR event, located at the edge of Milwaukee and Menomonee Falls. October
evenings can get downright chilly (and sometimes muddy!). PLEASE dress accordingly in WARM clothes and
walking shoes or boots.

What about the weather?
Spooky Stalks is open on Friday and Saturday Nights  in October at 7:00 PM. We do open in most weather.
We do not operate in the rain for safety reasons. If there is severe weather, please call us at (414) 353-5466
to confirm that we will be open before you drive out. Rain outs will not be called until after 5:00pm.

Is there different admission for
  No, It takes just as much to scare children as adult.

Are there things that I can not bring or wear to Spooky
Yes, No pets. No costumes, masks or makeup unless cleared with us first. No flash lights, cameras, video
cameras, or flash photography. No alcoholic beverages allowed at anytime.

                         If you have any questions, please contact us.
Music Playing:"Family Secrets" by Midnight Syndicate. Used with Permission. Copyright 1998-2005
Rules & Tips