We At Spooky Stalks Ask Our Visitors To Observe Some
Rules                                  Before Entering The Field:

1:  There is no Smoking / Drinking allowed in the
cornfield.                                                (NO EXCEPTIONS)

2: We ask that no food be brought into the cornfield. (Gotta Keep It Clean)

3: Please, Remember that All of this is Actors and Illusions. Do not
take            things seriously!!

4: If a Character accidentally makes contact with you and frightens
you,          PLEASE DON"T HIT THEM!!

5: We ask that our visitors NOT touch or hit the props while
journeying            through the cornfield.

6: Please remember that there are children passing through the field
and         waiting area, So, PLEASE No Foul Language.

7: Visitors must remember that this is a show. If you have been
through            and survived, Please don't spoil it for others.

8: Screaming IS an option............Preferably Used!!!!

9: Parents : Remember, kids can get scared easily.......and we like
that!!!                      Parents get scared just as easily........We like that even

10: Please stay on the trail at all times. It is the safest place for you as
well         as the Actors.

11: Please make sure you secure all valuables (cell phones,
wallets,                    purses, jewelry, Keys....). We get quite busy and have
no time to go               looking for lost items until the next morning. If you
do lose something          please let us know at the ticket booth and we will
have someone                  check for you. Best bet is to leave these thing in
your car or at home.

12: We have a "NO REFUND" policy that is strictly enforced. If you
can               not make it though the trail, You will be escorted out of the
field,                       NO REFUND.

*****If you chose not to follow these few
rules,                                YOU WILL BE
REMOVED                                          from the property
without a refund.*****
Rules And Tips For Spooky Stalks
Music Playing: "Family Secrets" by Midnight Syndicate. Used with Permission. Copyright 1998-2005