We held our mid summer
picnic on Saturday, July 18,
2009. We all had a great
time feasting on brats and
burgers and a variety of
salads. One of the highlights
of the day was Danika
starting the Spooky Stalks
Snake Hunt. She was the
most popular person with the
kids. Everyone seemed to
have a good time just hanging
out with friends.
Darren, Eddie, Nikki, Shawn, Cheyenne with
the snakes
Bruce and Tasha under the barn
Danika, the kids and the snakes
The newest member of the haunt
Shawn, Eddie and Darren with the RC
Katie & Derrick With Desert
Ian & Snakes
Danika, Ian Suzie, Cheyenne, Justin &
Lexi with Snakes
Jamie & Nikki
Rick getting some more people to
come over for the fire
Phil, Shawn, Justin, Suzie, Cheyenne
Nikki & Jamie by the fire
Scott, Stacie, & Derrick
Stacie & Nikki by the fire
TJ, Jordan, & Nikki
Rod & Scott
Mike & Stacie
Rod & Suzie
John, Katie, & TJ
Mike, Kym, Jordan, Katie, Darren,
Mike, Nikki, Suzie, & Phil
Phil & Justin
Cupcakes.. Thanx Katie
Darren, Mike, Jamie, Nikki, Phil, Eddie