October 10, 2009
Wisconsin Hearse Organization Invades      
Spooky Stalks Haunted Cornfield
At Approximately 4:30 pm there was a strange
eeriness that fell over an already spooky cornfield
located on the northwest side of Milwaukee. The
appearance of five fantastic hearses belonging to
the Wisconsin Hearse Organization rolled into
Spooky Stalks Haunted Cornfield to join in the
spooky festivities. The displays were fantastic and
the people were wonderful. Customers and actors
alike enjoyed checking out the cars, talking to the
owners and going through the haunted cornfield.
Just as quick as the fog rolled in the hearses took
to the night and were gone without a trace.

The whole team here at Spooky Stalks would like
to say a BIG THANK YOU to the members of
WHO that came out for some fun and food. Sorry
about the cold, but I think  everyone had a good
time. Hope to see the group next year.
Thank you to all who took pictures that night.